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Agricultural censuses and gender perspectives: Concept and methodology

(FAO, 2001)

This paper is designed to help in the planning of training courses and workshops for statistics producers, and to meet the growing demand for gender-sensitive statistics.

Gender: Key to sustainability and food security

(FAO, 2001)

This document outlines FAO's Plan of Action for Women in Development 1996-2001. It presents a framework for ensuring that gender issues become an integral part of the Organization's work. 36 pp.

Passport to Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective in Emergency Programmes

(FAO/WFP, 2001)

These guidelines consist of key questions to be asked in an emergency situation for data collection, to help guide the design of interventions so they will be sensitive to gender differences. They are written for humanitarian workers who work directly with local communities in emergency situations. 36 pp.

Expert consultation on distance learning resources for rural women

(FAO, 2001)

This report examines how distance learning resources can be used to correct gender imbalances in rural development. The publication includes case studies on the subject from Bangladesh, China, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. 42 pp.



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