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Building on gender, agrobiodiversity and local knowledge: A training manual

(FAO, 2006)

A training manual on issues of gender and local knowledge and their relevance to agrobiodiversity management and food security. Based on experiences collected in Eastern and Southern Africa, it emphasizes the need to involve holders of local knowledge, both men and women, in the decision-making process. 190 pp.

Agriculture, trade negotiations and gender

Z. García, J. Nyberg and S.O. Saadat (FAO, 2006)

This paper explores the implications of agricultural trade expansion and liberalization on gender inequalities in the agricultural and rural sector. 55 pp.

Energy and gender in rural sustainable development

Y. Lambrou and G. Piana (FAO, 2006)

Greater attention to the linkages between energy and gender can help countries promote sustainable agriculture  and work towards the Millennium Development Goals. This paper presents recommendations on how to incorporate gender issues into energy and development policies. 46 pp.

Impact of HIV/AIDS on fishing communities

(FAO, 2006)

This policy brief draws attention to the severity of HIV/AIDS among women and men in fishing communities. It aims to secure government and donor commitment to address the impacts of HIV/AIDS on the fisheries sector and reduce its effects on wider society. 12 pp.




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