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Energy and gender in rural sustainable development

Y. Lambrou and G. Piana (FAO, 2006)

Greater attention to the linkages between energy and gender can help countries promote sustainable agriculture  and work towards the Millennium Development Goals. This paper presents recommendations on how to incorporate gender issues into energy and development policies. 46 pp.

Impact of HIV/AIDS on fishing communities

(FAO, 2006)

This policy brief draws attention to the severity of HIV/AIDS among women and men in fishing communities. It aims to secure government and donor commitment to address the impacts of HIV/AIDS on the fisheries sector and reduce its effects on wider society. 12 pp.

Dimitra Newsletter 11

(FAO Dimitra, 2005)

This newlsetter includes a summary report of the presentations and discussions that took place during the FAO Dimitra workshop: Rural women, dynamisation of networks and the fight against HIV/AIDS in rural areas (13-17 June 2005). Participants came from Africa, the Near East, the Caribbean and the Pacific to exchange experiences on how to effectively address HIV/AIDS in their countries. 20 pp.

Agricultural workers and their contribution to sustainable agriculture and rural development

P. Hurst, P. Termine and M. Karl (FAO/ ILO/ IUF, 2005)

This report examines the vulnerabilities of waged agricultural workers, who are at the core of food production. It promotes the importance of recognizing these workers through policy. 44 pp.




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