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High level Consultation on Rural Women and Information: Gender issues in land tenure

(FAO, 1999)

This paper highlights gender-related land tenure and land administration issues. It focuses on the rationale and opportunities for enhancing women's rights to land and other natural resources.

Dimitra Newsletter 2

(FAO Dimitra, 1999)

This issue of the Dimitra newsletter introduces three African partner organizations of the Dimitra Project. These organizations, which have already started to collect information in their respective sub-regions, present important information on their activities, objectives and overall goals. 12 pp.

Filling the Data Gap: Gender-sensitive statistics for agricultural development

(FAO, 1999)

This publication aims to raise awareness among policy-makers to the benefits of collecting sex-disaggregated information for use in the policy-making process.

Dimitra Newsletter 1

(FAO Dimitra, 1998)

The first issue of the Dimitra newsletter contains key information on the history, aims and objectives of the Dimitra Project.  One of the main goals of the project is to systematically emphasise the multiple roles and essential contribution made by rural women to the development of their country. 4 pp.



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