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Livestock production and HIV/AIDS in East and Southern Africa

M. R. Goe (FAO, 2005)

This background study paper is based on a review of the literature about the current level of understanding of the linkages that exist between livestock production and HIV/AIDS in countries in East and Southern Africa. 41 pp.

Toward multi-sectoral responses to HIV/AIDS: Implications for Education for Rural People (ERP)

(FAO, 2005)

The objective of this paper is to describe the impact of HIV/AIDS in the context of Education for Rural People (ERP) and also to identify policy constraints and opportunities for multi-sectoral responses to mitigate impacts of HIV/AIDS. 7 pp.

Linkages between HIV/AIDS and the livestock sector in East and Southern Africa

(FAO, 2005)

This volume presents proceedings of a technical workshop entitled “Linkages between HIV/AIDS and the Livestock Sector in East and Southern Africa”, which was organized by FAO's Animal Production and Health Division from 8-10 March 2005. 30 pp

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): Guidelines for reporting on Article 14

(FAO, 2005)

A guide on Article 14 of the CEDAW, which focuses on rural women and is a powerful tool for policy-makers involved in agriculture and economic development. 35 pp.




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