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Committee on world food security: the impact of HIV/AIDS on food security

(FAO, 2001)

Few crises have presented such a threat to human health and to social and economic progress as does the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This paper presents some approaches to addressing this urgent problem and guidance on the role of FAO.

SEAGA Irrigation Sector Guide

(FAO, 2001)

This Guide is written for people involved in the planning, design and implementation of irrigation programmes. It supports gender-responsive participatory planning of irrigation schemes to strengthen the position of rural women and disadvantaged groups. 128 pp.

Workshop on gender-sensitive local planning

(FAO, 2001)

This report of a workshop on gender sensitive local planning examines local administrative structures and planning processes to help promote gender sensitive approaches in local planning. 53 pg

SEAGA Project Cycle Management Technical Guide

(FAO, 2001)

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance on how to integrate socio-economic and gender issues into project management practices. 105 pp.





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