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Report of the Asian regional expert consultation on rural women in knowledge society


The consultation addressed the most critical components of the digital divide, namely rural communities and women. This report gives an overview of the deliberations and recommendations made to generate positive impacts, including improved access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). 38 pp.

Living well with HIV/AIDS: A manual on nutritional care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS

(FAO, 2002)

The manual provides practical recommendations for a healthy and balanced diet for people living with HIV/AIDS in countries or areas with a low resource base. 103 pp.

HIV/AIDS, agriculture and food security in mainland and small island countries of Africa: Twenty-second regional conference for Africa

(FAO, 2002)

This paper presents the major challenges confronting African countries due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Its implications for agricultural production and the impact on national economies are highlighted. This is followed by a discussion of actions for alleviating the situation.

Gender, networks and Mexico-US migration

B. Davis and P. Winters (FAO, 2002)

This paper examines whether the causes and patterns of Mexican rural female migration differ significantly from rural male migration. 42 pp.





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