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Dimitra Newsletter 9 - Special Edition: Great Lakes Region

(FAO Dimitra, 2004)

This newsletter focuses exclusively on three countries in the Great Lakes region where Dimitra has started new activities: the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Burundi. 20 pp.

Promoting rural women's cooperative businesses in Thailand: A training kit

S. Premchander, V. Prameela and W. Polman (FAO, 2004)

Rural women's cooperative groups in Thailand cover a wide range of businesses. The aim of this training kit is to assist rural women to become individual or group entrepreneurs and managers of cooperative businesses. 102 pp.

Dimitra Newlsetter 8

(FAO Dimitra, 2003)

One of the main topics covered in this newsletter is the World Summit on the Information Society hosted by the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland from 10-12 December 2003. The Summit aimed to shed light on how to deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by the information society. 16 pp.

HIV/AIDS susceptibility and vulnerability pathway: A tool for identifying indicators, role models and innovations

C. Bishop-Sambrook (FAO, 2003)

The HIV/AIDS susceptibility and vulnerability pathway provides a practical tool for identifying indicators which reflect vulnerability at different stages of the HIV/AIDS cycle. It also provides a framework for identifying role models and innovators who are more resistant and resilient to the disease and its effects. 9 pp.




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