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At the hearth of the matter: Household resource management

(FAO, 2004)

An analysis of household resource management, which uses the household as an entry-point to identify how patterns of access, decision-making and power relations impact livelihoods and the overall well-being of household members. 4 pp.

Emergency and rehabilitation programmes: Does gender matter?

(FAO, 2004)

A fact sheet that raises awareness on the need to mainstream gender issues in emergency and rehabilitation programmes. Full community involvement, including women’s active participation, is key to effective relief, reconstruction and transformation efforts. 6 pp.

FAO for egalitarian agricultural development

(FAO, 2004)

This fact sheet examines FAO's efforts to mainstream gender in all pertinent fields of its mandate, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, rural development and nutrition. 4pp.

Regional consultation on advancement of rural women in the Beijing plus ten era

(FAO, 2004)

A synthesis of the country papers and recommendations presented at the above expert consultation. The meeting came as momentum gathered in the global development community to review the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action, signed by 189 governments. 52 pp.




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