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Gender roles in peanut sector for household food security

R. Balakrishnan, P. Chombreeda and H. Rimkere (FAO, 1999)

A series of summarized papers and a synthesis of the discussion on gender roles in the production and consumption systems of the peanut sector. 30 pp.

Gender database for agriculture and resource management policies in Pacific Island countries

H. Booth, R. Balakrishnan and M. E. Hopper (FAO-RAP, 1999)

This paper examines the integration of gender considerations into the agricultural policies of selected Pacific Island countries to achieve sustained household food security.

Participation and information: The key to gender-responsive agricultural policy

(FAO, 1999)

This paper discusses how participatory approaches and information can facilitate the formulation of gender-responsive plans and strategies. It also attempts to answer the question of why a gender perspective is important for agricultural and economic development policy and planning.

High level Consultation on Rural Women and Information: Gender issues in land tenure

(FAO, 1999)

This paper highlights gender-related land tenure and land administration issues. It focuses on the rationale and opportunities for enhancing women's rights to land and other natural resources.





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