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Regional Gender Strategy and Action Plan 2017–2019 for Asia and the Pacific

(FAO, 2017)

The Regional Gender Strategy and Action Plan aims to provide focus for FAO gender-related work in Asia and the Pacific and identify delivery mechanisms for the period 2017–2019. The Regional Gender Strategy and Action Plan encompasses work at both the regional and country level and is primarily intended for the FAO regional office for Asia and the Pacific, country offices, and project staff. 26 pp.

Gender mainstreaming and Human Rights based approach: Guidelines for Technical Officers

(FAO, 2017)

As a concise, compact guide for FAO REU / SEC staff to use at different stages of the project cycle, this publication brings together the key elements of gender mainstreaming and HRBA found within the different guidelines, handbooks, toolkits and other documents used by FAO and the UN system as a whole, compiling essential points into a user-friendly format. 40 pp.

The Gender in Agricultural Policies Analysis Tool (GAPo)

(FAO, 2016)

FAO has developed the Gender in Agricultural Policies Analysis Tool (GAPo) to assist national governments and relevant stakeholders in the design and implementation of effective, gender-sensitive agricultural policies, with a view to achieving SDGs. This brochure provides an overview of how the GAPo works, implementation at country level, and benefits. 4 pp.

Transforming political will into concrete action for rural women’s empowerment and food security

(FAO, 2016)

FAO works with member countries to facilitate the full implementation of CEDAW and of Article 14 of CEDAW in particular, to enhance the rights, potential, and opportunities of rural women. This in turn facilitates the implementation of other fundamental economic, cultural and social rights, including the right to adequate food, education and health. 4 pp.




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