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Scaling-Up Gender-Responsive Rural Development Interventions

(FAO, 2016)

The Joint Programme on Accelerating Progress towards the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women is led by FAO, the IFAD, UN Women and WFP. This overview discusses key aspects of the Joint Programme, including goals, potential for upscaling, and lessons learned. 2 pp.

Public Works and Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment: Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (Info Brief)

(FAO, 2016)

This brief summarizes findings of the first PtoP case study on rural women’s economic empowerment, focusing on the public works component of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP), the government’s flagship programme for poverty reduction providing countrywide social protection. The research involved a mixed method approach comprising in-depth qualitative methods and quantitative surveys conducted in Rwanda in autumn 2014. 4 pp.

The Impact of Gender Policy Processes on the Right to Food: the Case of Cambodia

(FAO, 2016)

This study identifies possible approaches for the development of activities on the right to food in Cambodia, using the gender policies and initiatives now at work in the country as an entry point. The analysis takes into account the Cambodian legal framework in relation to food security, national policies in matters related to food security, and social protection and gender policies for promoting the advancement and empowerment of women. 74 pp.

Use of mobile phones by the rural poor: gender perspectives from selected Asian countries

Mobile phones have been shown to contribute in various ways to rural development, from reducing information asymmetry, improving functional networks, to increasing access to services and finance. Yet a digital gender divide exists, and the answers to questions regarding differential access and use of information and communication technologies are mostly inconclusive. This study tries identify the information needs of the rural poor with gender dissagregated statistics. 68 pp.




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