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Sustainable nutrition security: Restoring the bridge between agriculture and health

M. Traoré, B. Thompson, G. Thomas (FAO, 2012)

Sustainable improvements in the nutritional status of women and their children will only be possible when their diets provide all the macro- and micronutrients they need. Narrowing the nutrition gap requires “nutrition-sensitive” food and agriculture systems that explicitly incorporate nutrition objectives. 40 pp.

Agricultural cooperatives and gender equality

(FAO/IFAD/WFP, 2012)

Evidence shows that efficient cooperatives have the capacity to empower their members economically and socially and to create sustainable employment through equitable and inclusive business models that are more resilient to shocks. 6 pp.

Dimitra Newsletter 22

FAO, 2012

This newsletter focuses on how the growing dialogues, propelled by Dimitra community listeners’ clubs, are empowering rural people in several African countries. The success of the radio broadcasts and in-person gatherings of men, women and youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger has led to the launch of new projects in Burundi, Mauritania and Senegal and holds promise for more. 24 pp

The gender and equity implications of land-related investments on land access and labour and income-generating opportunities: A case study of selected agricultural investments in Northern Tanzania

(FAO, 2012)

This report, which focuses on agricultural investments in Northern Tanzania, presents analysis and findings from a series of labour and income-generating activities that were examined during a period of fieldwork in June 2011. 59 pp.



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