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Gender and Rural Advisory Assessment Tool (GRAST)

(FAO, 2016)

This brochure provides an overview of the FAO Gender and Rural Advisory Services Assessment Tool (GRAST). GRAST aims to improve the gender responsiveness of rural advisory services, which can help close the gender gap in agriculture by making information, technologies, skills, and knowledge more relevant and accessible to women farmers. 4 pp.

Capacity development support to rural women on the socio-economic and gender aspects of sustainable rural development.

(FAO, 2016)

A look at an FAO project, started in 2014 under the FAO-Turkey Partnership Programme, to improve services for rural women by enhancing the capacity of institutions and of agricultural extension and rural advisory services staff in Turkey and Azerbaijan. 8 pp.

Gender, agriculture and rural development in Albania (Country Gender Assessment Series)

(FAO, 2016)

In aiming for better informed, targeted and gender sensitive actions in agriculture and rural development for Albania, this Gender Assessment points out some of the major gender inequalities that need to be considered by policy makers and project managers according to available data, and identifies further research needs. 48 pp.

Scaling-Up Gender-Responsive Rural Development Interventions

(FAO, 2016)

The Joint Programme on Accelerating Progress towards the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women is led by FAO, the IFAD, UN Women and WFP. This overview discusses key aspects of the Joint Programme, including goals, potential for upscaling, and lessons learned. 2 pp.




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