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Joyce – A Kenyan Fish Farming Entrepreneur


This video tells the story of Joyce, an inspiring and entrepreneurial Kenyan fish farmer who has overcome many challenges to develop a thriving Tilapia and Catfish farming business.


Disaster response and resilience for the men and women farmers of the Philippines


In the Philippines, FAO is helping farmers, fishers and whole communities to recover from both natural and man-made disasters, including typhoons, flooding, drought and armed conflict.


Earning and learning for Afghan women


A look at how over 2 000 Afghan women are helping themselves and their families, through FAO initiatives focused on pickled vegetables, mushroom production and complementary feeding practices.


The women of Afghanistan’s Milky Way


Some 8 000 Afghan milk farmers, most of whom are women, were introduced to the business of milk farming through a dairy cooperative movement that was founded by FAO in 2002.


Taming the waters of Afghanistan


“The water tunnel was dry before,” says Gulnaz, one of over two million Afghan men and women who have benefitted directly from FAO's work in rehabilitating irrigation canals and improving water management. “Now there is enough water, which we use for irrigation.”

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