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Uganda's Young Agro-pastoralists:Developing future leaders today


How Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools are addressing HIV and gender issues (Karamoja, Uganda).


Empowered over their fields, empowered over their lives


A look at how FAO is working with vulnerable communities in northern Uganda to address food insecurity, rebuild livelihoods, and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS, conflict and gender inequities.


Right to land - right of men and women: Experiences with paralegals in Mozambique


The video presents an overview of the gender issues in Mozambique and the major challenges faced by rural women when it comes to access land and natural resources.


Livestock, life and livelihoods among women and men in East Africa


This film provides an overview of the contribution of livestock to livelihoods in rural communities, particularly for women. Stories from Ethiopia and Kenya show how poor men and women use and accumulate livestock to pull themselves out of poverty and food insecurity.


Gender and rural microfinance: A learning route in Uganda


FAO in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and PROCASUR launched an initiative to strengthen women's access to micro financial services. The objective of this activity was also to target practitioners of the rural microfinance industry and assist them with generating effective microfinance programs for both women and men.




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Gender and Climate Change Programme



Gender and Land Rights Database




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