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Cattle of Hope


Sukatun is a single mother and farmer in East Java, Indonesia. In 2014, her community, along with others, suffered massive damage from the eruption of nearby Mount Kelud. Fifty-six percent of all losses were in agriculture.


The Learning Programme: Governing land for women and men


Over 1.1 billion women farmers do not have equal access to agricultural resources such as land. FAO's Learning Programme: Governing land for women and men helps those working in the land sector to ensure that women and men can participate equally in decision making processes and institutions related to land tenure.


Joyce – A Kenyan Fish Farming Entrepreneur


This video tells the story of Joyce, an inspiring and entrepreneurial Kenyan fish farmer who has overcome many challenges to develop a thriving Tilapia and Catfish farming business.


Disaster response and resilience for the men and women farmers of the Philippines


In the Philippines, FAO is helping farmers, fishers and whole communities to recover from both natural and man-made disasters, including typhoons, flooding, drought and armed conflict.


Earning and learning for Afghan women


A look at how over 2 000 Afghan women are helping themselves and their families, through FAO initiatives focused on pickled vegetables, mushroom production and complementary feeding practices.




Participatory Information and Communication



Gender and Climate Change Programme



Gender and Land Rights Database




FAO Gender Programme
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