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Climate Action in Uganda


Released on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP22), this video illustrates how men and women in rural Uganda are making climate change adaptation work for them.


A Women's Cooking Group in Mae Hong Son, Thailand


In Thailand, FAO is working with local authorities to empower communities and improve their livelihoods by developing local value chains. This video tells the story of a group of women in one such community, in the village of Mok Cham Pae in Mae Hong Son province.


Dimitra Clubs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Food Security and Nutrition


In the province of Tshopo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, FAO-Dimitra Clubs have played a key role in improving food security and nutrition and in promoting gender equality for men, women and youth.


FAO-Dimitra Clubs: Women Leaders


As part of a series of videos exploring the impact of FAO-Dimitra Clubs in rural communities, this video showcases the important role the Clubs play in helping women gain self-confidence and build their capacities to become leaders in their communities.


FAO-Dimitra Clubs: Community Mobilization


A look at how members of FAO-Dimitra Clubs in the Niger and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have succeeded in improving their livelihoods and creating momentum at community level. This video, which is part of a series entitled "Impact of FAO-Dimitra Clubs: Empowering Rural People," also explores collaborations between the Clubs and other development actors, such as rural institutions.




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