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Gender Equality in Agriculture: A Toolkit (3 of 3)


Gender indicators to better understand the status of rural men and women: This video is the third of the three-video toolkit on gender statistics in agriculture, and introduces different available tools for collecting gender-sensitive statistics and sex-disaggregated data, including the presentation of a proposed core set of gender indicators.


Access to Water and Land - Dimitra Clubs in Niger


FAO-Dimitra Clubs in the Niger have been crucial to ensuring women’s access to land and water, while contributing to nutrition, food security and gender equality, thereby reducing rural poverty.


FAO Strategic Objective 3: Reduce rural poverty


With more than three-quarters of the world's extreme poor living in rural areas, finding ways to improve their livelihoods – on and off the farm – is key to FAO's work.


Women paving the way


FAO Fishery Industry Officer Yvette Diei-Ouadi on women's pivotal role across the fish value chain, and in post-harvest processing in particular.


Fish drying method changes lives in Burundi (17’ 15”)


An FAO project to equip small fishing communities with the tools and know-how to dry fish on simple raised racks instead of on the sand has changed lives along the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Burundi.




Participatory Information and Communication



Gender and Climate Change Programme



Gender and Land Rights Database




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