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Dimitra Community Listeners' Clubs in the Tamale, West Gonja District, Ghana


A report on the set up and launch of Dimitra Community Listeners' Clubs in 18 communities in the Northern Region of Ghana, the first English-speaking country in Africa to have the Dimitra Clubs.


Dimitra Community Listeners' Clubs for Food Security and Women's Leadership – Gasseda, Niger


How FAO's Dimitra community listeners' clubs enable women, men and young people organize themselves, share concerns, look for solutions together and take collective action for greater food security and women's leadership.


Paths out of Poverty (3’ 32”)


This video explores how social protection programmes, when combined with other rural development interventions, can help create paths out of poverty for the poorest of the poor.


River of milk - Afghan dairy farmers prosper


Thousands of small farmers in Afghanistan’s dairy sector are benefiting from an FAO project in which women control almost 90 percent of the profits.


Kenya's Young Refugees: developing future leaders today (length: 2' 54'')


How Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools are addressing HIV and gender issues (Kakuma, Kenya).





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