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Why Women Matter


Produced for the launch of the Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook, this video highlights women's vital contribution to agricultural production and long-term economic development.

Photo: © FAO/H. Dinh Nam

Sustaining the future: Addressing HIV/AIDS and gender issues in agriculture in Malawi


This video gives an overview of FAO's work in Malawi in mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS on rural communities and the agricultural sector.

Photo: © FAO/J. Spaull

When the rain falls


EU-funded FAO gardens help women through Niger’s dry season, allowing them to grow crops for home consumption and sale.

Photo: © FAO/G. Napolitano

Harvesting for life


This video explores an innovative schooling system known as Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools, set up by FAO and WFP in response to the orphan crisis in Africa.

Photo: © FAO/G. Bizzarri

Sowing seeds of hunger


Over the last decade, HIV/AIDS has had a devastating impact on southern Africa, where up to 80 percent of the population is dependant on small-scale agriculture for their food and livelihood.

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