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Barefoot technicians: the water-women of rural Gujarat

In rural Gujarat, as in the rest of India and many parts of the developing world, women are usually the ones to fetch and collect water for the household. They are also, usually, the ones most affected when pumps or systems break down...

A tale of three decisions

Hansaben lives in a small village in the Indian state of Gujarat, south of Ahmedabad. In many ways, her story is typical of millions of ordinary Indian women, but it is also a story of extraordinary strength, determination and courage...

Conservation agriculture in Lesotho: when mother knows best

'Me Maphoka Thaba is a rural farmer in the Leribe district of northern Lesotho. Active and energetic at 72, she has faced many problems that are all too common to rural farmers in Lesotho...

When the price is right...

Like many smallholders around the world, these women farmers in rural Gujarat, India, lacked access to market information and disposable cash to pay for the transport of their products to local or nearby markets...

A different kind of library

Poor farmers often lack the basic tools and equipment they need for farm work. They may try to obtain such equipment on loan after other farmers have completed their work, but very often they have to do without it, or wait until the equipment is available...

Food: like money in the bank

At harvest time, most smallholder farmers end up having to sell their entire crop immediately and at a low price, because they need the income and because they have no place to store it...

Rainfall insurance: "weather" it rains or not

Agriculture in India is largely non-irrigated and rainfed. Smallholder farmers in rural areas are therefore extremely dependent on rainfall for their crops, livelihoods and food security...

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