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Women scientists aboard the Nansen: Meet Hinde Abdelouahab

One of a series of interviews with the women scientists aboard the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, the marine research vessel at the heart of the EAF-Nansen programme.

Hinde at work in the labs. The scientists work in teams covering three eight-hour shifts during each 24-hour period, meaning a hectic life during these survey trips.

The EAF-Nansen programme is a collaboration between Norway and FAO that has been in operation since 1974, conducting marine research in some of the least observed waters on the planet. The project trains marine scientists and researchers, many from developing countries, on board the world’s most advanced marine research vessel. 

Around the world, policy makers and educators often lament the fact that too few women enter the sciences. But a gender policy built into the EAF-Nansen programme means that many of the scientists and researchers aboard are women. In a recent post over at the EAF-Nansen blog, one of these women scientists, Hinde Abdelouahab of Morocco, takes a break from her busy schedule to share her experiences working aboard the Nansen.

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