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Turning the tide: the story of Joyce's fish farm

Joyce Makaka owns a fish farm in Kakamega County, in western Kenya. Today, her business is thriving, and employs a team of workers. Yet Joyce remembers when things were not as easy, and she had to struggle to keep her fish farm afloat.


Thanks to training provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) through the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund, Joyce received the support she needed to turn her business around.

“There were two experts who came the first time,” she says, “and they saw the farm was going down. They came a second time and said they were going to do the training here, and from that time I picked up and moved on.”

In a video released this week by FAO, Joyce notes that the training she received was instrumental in improving her business, but that the moral support was also crucial: “The encouragement was the most important thing,” she says.

“What they actually did was to give me the morale, that you can do it.”

Click here to see the video.