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  • Rights entrenched in the Constitution
  • Women's property and use rights in personal laws
  • Inheritance legal mechanisms
  • Land Legislation
  • Policies/Institutional mechanisms enforcing or preventing women’s land rights
  • CEDAW: Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (adopted on 18 December 1979). Relevant articles: 2, 4, 14 and 16.
  • CEDAW-OP: Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (adopted on 6 October 1999).
  • ICESCR: International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (adopted on 16 December 1966). Relevant articles: 2(2), 3 and 11(1).
  • ICCPR: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (adopted on 16 December 1966). Relevant articles: 2(1), 3, 14, 16 and 23(4).
  • Other international regulations
  • Customary norms, religious beliefs and social practices that influence gender-differentiated land rights
  • Traditional authorities and customary institutions
  • Inheritance/succession de facto practices
  • Discrepancies/gaps between statutory and customary laws
  • Prevailing systems of land tenure
  • National and local institutions enforcing land regulations
  • Land administration institutions and women quotas
  • Funding provisions to guarantee women’s land transactions
  • Other factors influencing gender differentiated land rights
  • Civil society and indigenous people’s organizations advocating for equality of land rights
  • Local decision-making organizations and women’s representation in them
  • Legal Information and capacity development on land rights
  • Total number of holders
  • Women holders
  • Number of holdings under co-ownership
  • Communal Property
  • Number of rural households headed by women
  • GINI Concentration index

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