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آخر الأخبار والمعلومات حول المساواة بين الجنسين وتمكين المرأة

A regional campaign, launched on International Women's Day by the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, will focus on the empowerment of rural women towards sustainable development.
In Latin America, 40% of rural women over the age of 15 do not have their own income, although they work on a daily basis, unpaid. In addition, rural women in the region only have a fraction of the land, credit, productive inputs and education that men do.
Women's land rights are vital to every country’s development. Yet, those rights are routinely violated, denied, or simply not enforced.
احتفل مدراء ثلاث منظمات للأمم المتحدة تتخذ من روما مقراً لها باليوم الدولي للمرأة بالتأكيد مجدداً على التزامات هذه المنظمات لتعزيز الجهود للاستثمار في قدرات النساء الريفيات بوصفهن عوامل رئيسية للتغيير ولبناء عالم خالٍ من الجوع.
Starting or participating in an agrifood business could make good sense for women in poor rural areas of Albania. A new study identifies several business ideas and examines value chains and markets with potential for improving women’s incomes.