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FAO study on value chains points to opportunities for Albanian women

Starting or participating in an agrifood business could make good sense for women in poor rural areas of Albania. A new study identifies several business ideas and examines value chains and markets with potential for improving women’s incomes.


Albania today is classed as a middle-income country, but economic progress has not been equally distributed. Long-term unemployment persists at a rate of 10-11 percent of the workforce, is higher in rural areas and highest of all among rural women.

Using a gender-sensitive value chain approach, the study selects three value chains for deeper analysis: production of medicinal aromatic plants, beekeeping, and gourmet and traditional food. Also reviewed are opportunities in tourism and aquaculture.

“We believe that the data collected, and the rigorous analysis of value chains and markets, will be useful to policy makers and development agencies in supporting women’s economic empowerment,” said FAO gender specialist Aroa Santiago Bautista. “It provides a firm basis for designing strategic, informed, results-oriented interventions.”

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