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Linking gender and climate experts for adaptation planning in the Gambia

Raising awareness and sharing expertise on the links between gender equality, agricultural development, and climate change adaptation.


In order to raise awareness of the gender dimensions of adaptation among key actors in the Gambia, the programme for Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans (NAP-Ag) organized a two-day workshop last month in Jenoi Village, in the Lower River Region. Twenty-one participants from the nonprofit, academic, UN and government sectors traveled to the Jenoi Agricultural Training Centre to share their expertise and to identify linkages between gender equality, agricultural development, and climate change adaptation.

Prior to the workshop, a detailed literature review and stakeholder analysis were conducted, in order to document the gender-agriculture-adaptation context in The Gambia. These reviews identified possible entry points and challenges to mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning in agriculture as well as examples of ongoing gender mainstreaming at different policymaking levels. 

The workshop served as an opportunity to validate some of the findings of the stakeholder analysis. In addition, with a range of presentations and ample time for group discussions, it afforded key stakeholders an opportunity to challenge assumptions about what gender means and to exchange knowledge on how to link gender and climate change issues in practice.

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