Afikepo makes strides in improving nutrition in Nkhotakota District of Malawi

Afikepo, a five-year nutrition programme funded by the European Union, aims to enhance nutrition security in Malawi.

Gertrude explains care group activities to minister of health

Thirty seven year old mother of five, Gertrude Maulana is a proud member of Mdachi Care Group. She is also one of the care promoters, a role that allows her to support pregnant women and mothers of children under the age of five and adolescents with nutrition issues to ensure better health in their households.

Under Afikepo, the five-year European Union-funded nutrition programmes and with support of different departments of the Nkhotakota District Council, 239 care groups have been created under the programme with some restructured from existing groups. These care groups have been evidently instrumental in the district, empowering women of childbearing age, adolescent girls, and care givers of infant and young children so that they decide on what is needed to enhance their nutritional status and that of their children and to support them in addressing their needs.  Adolescent girls are also participating of the activities conducted by the Care Groups and benefiting from the information and key messages shared in relation with food security and nutrition.

“Through Mdachi care group, we teach nutrition to mothers of under-5 children and pregnant women,” says Getrude. “Not only that, we have various resources which we use to teach on hygiene and sanitation, breastfeeding, and we encourage growing of various nutritious vegetables to improve household diets. We also have a nursery growing seedlings to encourage members to grow fruits such as guavas, oranges and mangoes.”

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