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Albania’s rural women face an uphill climb

A new FAO report notes that while initial steps have been taken to alleviate the problems of rural women in the country, gender inequalities are still deeply rooted in society and change needs to be accelerated.

© FAO / Gent Skhullaku

The report, Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in Albania, was launched at a press conference at the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration last month. It provides a comprehensive overview of the difficulties faced by rural women in Albania, as well as a set of recommended actions for improving the situation. For government, for example, the report outlines policy options and possible institutional arrangements.

“Traditional gender roles are more entrenched in rural communities, and gender inequalities have remained socially accepted,” said Raimund Jehle, FAO Representative to Albania and Regional Strategic Programmes Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia.

“To bring about change on the ground, at the level of the individual, strong commitment and a sense of ownership are needed – at the highest levels of government, in civil society, and the private sector,” Jehle added. “The gap between lofty objectives and women’s daily reality continues to be too great,” he said.

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