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In the forthcoming rainy season, FAO aims to assist about 92 000 households with crop seed and fertilizer delivered through direct distributions, as well as through seed fairs where farmers can obtain their ‘seed of choice’ from FAO-supported vendors.
Increasing women’s involvement in agriculture and food production is another way to reduce a family’s vulnerability and increase their resilience, as women are typically responsible for household food security and nutrition in most developing countries.
In the Syrian Arab Republic, where agriculture is the largest sector of the economy, schoolchildren learn about agricultural practices, various types of food, the importance of healthy diets and the nutritional value of food as part of their curriculum
New EU-funded FAO, IFAD and WFP initiative seeks to empower rural women and men for food security and better nutrition.
FAO’s poultry intervention builds on other support services and agri-inputs the agency provides to households affected by the crisis in the North East.
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