Последние новости и информация в отношении гендерного равенства и расширения прав и возможностей женщин

A key component of development efforts to end hunger and malnutrition involves tackling the persistent gender inequalities that limit women’s potential and constrain their economic and social empowerment.
The discussion session begins with a few words from the dialogue curator, Ms. Eve Crowley, who summarizes the purposes of the proposed discussion and present a global vision on the relevance of the gender approach in food systems.
Recalling his longstanding experience at FAO, Mr. Gustafson said: “The projects that had the most impact in fact embodied precisely what the four speakers talked about today.”
Growing numbers of women in important decision-making positions signals not only the mounting male recognition of the importance of listening to the concerns and visions of their female counterparts, but also a shift in the mindset of women themselves.
Women are often underrepresented in official statistics, potentially undermining their access to social protection programmes or resulting in their marginalization in decision-making processes (SOMFI 2020).
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