An unusual porridge concocted by an untraditional cook helps end child stunting in Zimbabwe

A #ZeroHunger world isn’t just about stopping people from going hungry, it is about ensuring that they get enough of the right kind of nutritious food to lead healthy productive lives.


What appears to be a basic porridge quickly takes on new meaning outside the home of Syndon Samukute and his wife, Loice Chideya.

It starts out as regular cornmeal, but Samukute adds a few unusual ingredients. First, he cracks a raw egg and mixes it in for protein. Then he adds a bit of butternut squash and two small scoops of peanut butter, some sugar and iodized salt.

“It's easy to cook as well as nutritious,” he says as he shares small dollops with visitors. The result is quite tasty, the peanut butter and squash come together with the creamy porridge for a unique, but appetizing, taste. A “4-star”diet according to Samukute!

While cooking, Samukute amuses his audience with an active description of the nutritional value of the ingredients and his technique for preparing the unusual recipe. It is like watching a cooking show on TV, except that he's standing outside his home overlooking the green Honde Valley near the Mozambique border.

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