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New training module to improve food security and nutrition for upper Egypt’s women

Community Nutrition Kitchens target women and youth for improved household food and nutrition security.


Within the framework of launching Community Nutrition Kitchens in Aswan, Assyut, Beni Sueif, Fayoum, and Souhag, an FAO project on "Improving Household Food and Nutrition Security in Egypt by Targeting Women and Youth" is working with partner institutions from the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a Nutrition Kitchen Training Manual and plan for related capacity building activities.

Community Nutrition Kitchens train women on how to add "nutritional twists" to their existing recipes with the ultimate aim of improving health of community members. With the participation of women, and as a result of training, the Kitchens become venues for spreading nutrition awareness, and even enable the creation of new nutritious recipes and snacks that fit the nutrition needs of all family members – especially children. Improving nutrition will eventually lead to improved health and work productivity and consequently will decrease cost of sickness and work inefficiency, both of which are considered main contributors to poverty.

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