(FAO, 2019)

This assessment analyzes the agricultural and rural sector of Papua New Guinea from a gender perspective at the macro (policy), meso (institutional) and micro (community and household) levels in order to identify gender-based gaps and inequalities in access to and control over critical productive resources, assets, services and opportunities. It also provides recommendations for future programming and projects for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment are included, along with possible partners for gender-related activities in Papua New Guinea. This assessment will become a tool for FAO Papua New Guinea, the Government of Papua New Guinea and other development partners to mainstream gender into their future programmes and projects towards gender equality and the empowerment of rural women in Papua New Guinea. 66 pp.

Ethiopia: National gender profile of agriculture and rural livelihoods

This assessment analyses the agricultural and rural sectors with the aim to explore the situation of rural women compared to men, and to understand the extent to which rural women are able to realize their rights and potential in those areas where the FAO is mandated to assist the country. 88 pp.

Equal access to resources and power for food security in the face of climate change

This infographic shows women’s access to financial and productive resources, decision-making fora, knowledge, technology, land, water, services and markets, illustrating the link to food security and climate change.

Rural women and the Millennium Development Goals

In the developing world, women are the backbone of rural economies. Yet, with only a few exceptions, rural women fare worse than rural men and urban women and men for every MDG indicator for which data are available.

Although cholera is endemic in Yemen, the last few years has seen infections spike to a scale not witnessed in living memory. Lake of maintenance of water infrastructure, plus aquifer depletion, are largely to blame.
Malika Martini, Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development Officer, FAO, talks about the Rome-based agencies global work to tackle inequalities that discriminate against women and girls.
5 July 2017, Rome – A special event on gender equality and women's empowerment on the sidelines of the 40th Session of the FAO Conference.