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Although cholera is endemic in Yemen, the last few years has seen infections spike to a scale not witnessed in living memory. Lake of maintenance of water infrastructure, plus aquifer depletion, are largely to blame.
The video covers some of the activities of vocational training and on the job trainings held under the programme Resilience building via Increased Livelihoods Opportunities and strengthened Social Cohesion for Syrian refugees and Host Communities.
Francesca Brenda Opoku is an agribusiness and entrepreneur who has over the years benefited from FAO’s support.
Malika Martini, Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development Officer, FAO, talks about the Rome-based agencies global work to tackle inequalities that discriminate against women and girls.
The Sahel region is increasingly affected by severe droughts and desertification due to climate change. Women walk an average of 10 kilometers to fetch water. This video shows how the FAO “1 million cisterns for the Sahel” project is helping women and farmers harvest and store rainwater, so that they have clean water to drink and to grow food in arid areas.
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