Testimonies of Dimitra Clubs’ leaders Series - Niger: Women’s Mobilization and Social Change


FAO Dimitra Clubs are informal groups of rural women and men who decide to organize and take collective action to solve community problems using their own resources and capacities. This unique approach puts both women and men at the heart of rural development and promotes changes in gender roles and relations that discriminate women.

The video echoes the testimony of Djamila, a member of a Dimitra Club from Doubu Bango in the Region of Dosso, Niger. She emphasizes that as a member of the Dimitra Clubs, she has increased her self-esteem, pointing out that this personal feeling is a collective satisfaction for all the women that participate in these groups. Thanks to this, women are now respected at community and household levels and have now the same right as men to inherit land, something unthinkable before the creation of the Dimitra Clubs.