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Women Farmers of Bangladesh


Across the developing world, rural women play a crucial role in agriculture and farming. And Bangladesh, where women exceed 50 percent of the agricultural labour force, is no exception. 

So it’s no surprise that much of FAO’s work in the country has focused on supporting rural women farmers across a variety of sectors. These include aquaculture, crop, and dairy farming, all of which are showcased this video, where three women tell the story of their successes in smallholder farming through three different FAO projects in Bangladesh: Shipra Bagchi, a shrimp farmer from the Khulna division in southwestern Bangladesh; Monowara Begum, a crop farmer from Mymensingh, in the north of the country; and Eliza Khan, a dairy farmer from the Rajshahi division in central Bangladesh.


*Data on female share of agricultural labour force in Bangladesh: FAO. 2011. The State of Food and Agriculture 2010–11. Women in agriculture: closing the gender gap for development. Rome.