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Climate Action in Uganda


Released on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP22), this video illustrates how men and women in rural Uganda are making climate change adaptation work for them.

FAO, in partnership with the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) has been helping farmers and pastoralists in the Central Region of Uganda to adapt and respond to dry periods, drought, and other effects of climate change.

Among those interviewed in the video is Proscovia Nakibuye, a woman farmer from the Nakaseke District. “The best thing,” she remarks, “is that we actually got some benefits from climate change.”

“We have learned how to plant pastures and we have also been taught good livestock keeping,” she explains. “We used to get less milk, but now there is a difference,” she adds, noting that each cow now produces about 15 litres a day. “We have managed to save some money because of [the] increase in milk production.”

The improved farming measures are also making a positive impact in other ways. Proscovia noted that in the past, the children of the community were not able to go to school, “because they would have to go and graze the cows, and had to walk as far as 5 km away,” she explains. “But now there is a difference. There has been a change.”