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(粮农组织, 2017年)

本出版物通过具体的实地故 事展现了粮农组织在农业(包括 林业、渔业和其他分部门)领域 的政策和实地层面促进性别平等 和增强妇女权能方面的工作,强 调了主要干预领域、方法以及取 得的成果。 粮农组织仍全力致力于解除 农村妇女面临的结构性限制,以 此消除饥饿和贫困。性别平等是 实现 2030 年议程目标的基本要 素。粮农组织基于在各地区获得 的经验教训,将与成员国密切合 作,力求消除性别不平等,在农 业和农村发展中实现粮食安全 目标。80页。

Equal access to resources and power for food security in the face of climate change

This infographic shows women’s access to financial and productive resources, decision-making fora, knowledge, technology, land, water, services and markets, illustrating the link to food security and climate change.


粮农组织最新数字 《2010-11 年粮食及农业状况》 表明,如果妇女与男人一样能 够获得相同的资源,多达1.50 亿人可能摆脱饥饿。

A look at the life of Telvina, an indigenous woman of the Wounaan Community in Panama. There are some 185 million indigenous women in the world, belonging to more than 5 000 different indigenous groups. They play an important role in eradicating hunger and malnutrition, yet there are still limitations in the recognition and exercise of their rights.
Brave Ndisale与性别及发展官员Illaria Sisto共同阐述了妇女赋权在实现性别平等、从而确保粮食安全和减少农村贫困方面的重要意义。