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SEAGA Livestock Guide: Planning with a gender and HIV/AIDS lens

(FAO, 2005)

A guide to support those working on livestock-related programmes and projects, so they can more effectively respond to the needs and constraints of rural communities and households. It takes into account the HIV/AIDS crisis, which is affecting all aspects of rural livelihoods. 94 pp.

Rural households and resources: A guide for extension workers

(FAO, 2004)

This guide assists extension and community workers to apply a participatory and gender-sensitive approach to their planning and work with rural households and people. 103 pp.

Rural households and resources: A pocket guide for extension workers

(FAO, 2004)

A summary of the key points outlined in the comprehensive guide, Rural households and resources: a guide for extension workers. It highlights the major issues affecting rural households, and provides users with ideas and tools for sharing information on the constraints and opportunities they face. 43 pp.

SEAGA Macro Level Handbook

(FAO, 2003)

A practical guide on how to integrate a gender perspective into the policy process to improve the equity, efficiency and sustainability of agricultural policies. 116 pp.

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