General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Committee on Administration and Finance (CAF)


Established in 2009, the CAF mandate is to :

  • review administrative matters relating to the Executive Secretary and his/her staff and make appropriate recommendations to the Commission;
  • review compliance with the GFCM rules of procedures and financial rules;
  • review the implementation of the budget adopted by the Commission;
  • analyse the draft budget to be adopted and make recommendations to the Commission;
  • perform such other administration and financial matters as may be referred to it by the Commission.


  Mr Roman ČIČMIRKO (Slovenia) - CHAIRPERSON 
  Mr Atif Salah MEGAHED (Egypt) - 1st VICE-CHAIRPERSON 
  Mr Constantin STROIE (Romania) - 2nd VICE-CHAIRPERSON 

  Election date: October 2018



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