General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Working Group on the Black Sea


The Working Group on the Black Sea was created in 2010 as an ad hoc mechanism for scientific work and decision-making for Black Sea riparian States, as the issues at stake in the region necessitated a regionally influential, widely recognized institutional arrangement. WGBS objectives are to provide scientific advice to the GFCM on matters linked to fisheries management and conservation, including biological, social and economic aspects.


  Mr Simion NICOLAEV (Romania) - COORDINATOR   
  Mr Galin NIKOLOV (Bulgaria) - 1st VICE-COORDINATOR  
  Mr Ilhan AYDIN (Turkey) - 2nd VICE-COORDINATOR  
  Election date: May 2012 (coordinator), October 2017 (1st vice), May 2013 (2nd vice)




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