General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

BlackSea4Fish Team & Contact

BlackSea4Fish counts on a team based at the GFCM Subregional Technical Unit for the Black Sea in Burgas (Bulgaria) as well as the support of the GFCM Secretariat units at GFCM headquarters in Rome (Italy).

At the Black Sea Unit, Mr Konstantin Petrov acts as GFCM subregional coordinator for the Black Sea, overseeing the functioning of the BSU and technical cooperation matters. Under the leadership of the BlackSea4Fish Project Coordinator Ms Nazli Demirel, Ms Yoana Georgieva is the fisheries expert that supports workplan implementation. Mr Ali Cemal Gücü (former BlackSea4Fish project coordinator) provides ad-hoc expert support and guidance on specific fisheries topics. The BSU also benefits from ad-hoc support from colleagues of the BSU host, the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, and it is expected to grow gradually.

The project’s work is guided by the BlackSea4Fish Project document, discussed at a Steering Committee composed of national focal points, and reviewed by the WGBS and the GFCM annual session.


GFCM Subregional Technical Unit for the Black Sea (BSU) – 2nd floor
c/o Port of Burgas – Head Office 
1, "Knyaz Alexander Batenberg" Street
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria

E-mail: [email protected]

Information note on the BSU