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Pilot project towards a harmonized legal framework for the conservation of Mediterranean living marine resources and ecosystems | GFCM-Lex

Fisheries and aquaculture legislation varies throughout the Mediterranean region and the information about them is scattered and difficult to find. Usually, national legislations of GFCM CPCs use different formats and these formats are only accessible in their national language.  Furthermore, access to the documentation on legislation can be very limited, particularly for those without any legal background. Apart from this, there is a lack of repositories/databases collecting information at the regional level on living marine resources and marine ecosystems. ​

There is a need for a transparent and user-friendly way of getting information about a country’s legislation regarding fisheries and aquaculture for fishers, practitioners, administrators, scientists, law specialists and any other person needing an easy access to such information. The GFCM Regional Repository (GFCM-Lex) will provide reliable information on the basis of relevant legal instruments for the management of living marine resources and  ecosystems and binding recommendations adopted by the GFCM. Information on national legislation will be enriched by the contribution of fisheries stakeholders at national level.



Jan. 2019 - Jan. 2021



Albania · Tunisia · Turkey



Compile national legislation in a harmonized way and make it easily accessible to the relevant stakeholders




➜ Fishers

➜ Practitioners

➜ Policy-makers

➜ Students

➜ Researchers

➜ Scientists

➜ National administrators

➜ Non-governmental organizations

➜ Consumers

and any other relevant stakeholder eager to know more about the topic.


  • Provide a single access point to national legislation on the conservation of marine living resources and ecosystems in the in the GFCM area of application.

  • Contribute to knowledge sharing, capacity building and development in the field of conservation of marine living resources and ecosystems.

  • Promote a better understanding of existing linkages between the national legislation in place and binding recommendations adopted by the GFCM.

  • Offer a coherent approach to national legislation on the conservation of marine living resources and ecosystems through the identification of key areas:
    • Aquaculture-fisheries interactions
    • Access regimes to fisheries resources
    • Conservation and management
    • Monitoring, control and surveillance






  • Identification of common standards and a sub-regional methodology to facilitate the compilation, harmonization and dissemination of knowledge on national legislation.
  • Development and establishment of GFCM-lex, the GFCM regional repository of national legislation.
    • An electronic regional repository encompassing national legislation on the conservation of marine living resources and ecosystems in the GFCM area of application.
    • A tool to provide information on existing national legislation, foster knowledge and raise awareness among the general public.
    • A user-friendly, open-access, multilingual and collaborative platform aimed at empowering relevant stakeholders and supporting sustainable fishing practices.
  • Trainings for national stakeholders on the utility, use and how to contribute to GFCM-Lex.
  • Elaboration and dissemination of relevant material to promote awareness on the GFCM recommendations adopted and related national legislations in place  as well as replication of best practices.


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All users are welcome to contribute to the content of GFCM-Lex by sending new legislations or suggestions to [email protected] The GFCM Secretariat and the National Focal Points are ready to cooperate with researchers, associations, universities and any other relevant stakeholder interested in the project.  

To participate to the activities of the project at national level, please contact the national focal point :


Mr Nicola Ferri 
Legal and Institutional Officer  



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