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General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM)


Scientific Advisory Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ)


Established in 1995, the CAQ is responsible for providing technical advice related to the work of the Commission and to promote the sustainable development and responsible management of marine, brackish and inland aquaculture in the area of application in a way that is consistent with an ecosystem approach to aquaculture and that takes into account the specific regional, subregional and local characteristics. In particular the CAQ shall:

  • monitor sustainable aquaculture development, following its progress and trends including through the identification, use and regular update of environmental, economic and social indicators;
  • collect and assess information and data with regard to production statistics, market data, post harvesting, culture systems, technologies used, farmed species, environmental and aquatic animal health issues, as well as any additional information considered by the Commission to be relevant and useful. Such data and information shall be provided by all parties, relevant aquaculture actors, the aquaculture multi-stakeholder platform and other programmes, and shall be maintained in related databases;
  • provide independent advice on a technical and scientific basis to facilitate the adoption of recommendations pursuant to Article 8(b) of the GFCM Agreement concerning the sustainable development of aquaculture with regard to biological, environmental, social and economic issues;
  • submit advice and reports to the Review Panel, established pursuant to the Rules of Procedure of the GFCM, if required;
  • identify and promote the development and implementation of cooperative scientific and technical research projects and programmes; and
  • carry out any other functions or responsibilities as may be conferred on it by the Commission.


The Committee shall be coordinated by a Bureau, as regulated in the GFCM Agreement. The Committee shall work with the support of subsidiary bodies composed by four Working Groups (WGs), (governance and regulatory aspects, environment and aquatic animal health, quality and market of aquaculture products, innovations and knowledge management) as operational bodies, and a consultative body, namely the GFCM Aquaculture Multi-stakeholder Platform (AMShP), and the Information System for the Promotion of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean (SIPAM) as a body provider of relevant and accurate data/information. The WGs shall discuss and take actions to address ad hoc issues within the context of strategic areas (SAs) identified by the AMShP that take into consideration the priorities for aquaculture development.