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Blackspot seabream fisheries in the Alboran Sea (GSAs 1 to 3)

Legal framework

  • Recommendation GFCM/41/2017/2 on the management of blackspot seabream fisheries in the Alboran Sea (geographical subareas 1 to 3) for a two-year transition period [En | Fr]

Data/information and reference year

  1. List of operating vessels authorized to carry out targeted fishing for blackspot seabream.
  2. A report on fishing activities carried out by the vessels referred to in paragraph 8, in an aggregated format, including the following minimum information: number of exploitation days, exploitation and catch area of blackspot seabream.
  3. Spatio-temporal restrictions (if they do not exist under national legislation in view of banning or restricting fishing activities to protect juvenile and/or spawner aggregation areas of blackspot seabream).

Deadline and frequency of submission

  1. Annual, by 28/29 February.
  2. Annual, by 30 November.
  3. One-shot, by 31 January 2019.

Submission procedure and reporting tools

  1. Free Excel, by email.
  2. Free Excel, by email.
  3. Free text (PDF or Word), by email.