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Data on fishing activities in the GFCM area of application

Legal framework

  • Recommendation GFCM/41/2017/6 on the submission of data on fishing activities in the GFCM area of application [En - Fr]


  • National data on catch, incidental catch of vulnerable species, fishing effort, socio-economics and biological information (as specified in Annex 1 of the Rec)
  • Information needed to assess the status of those stocks considered priority by the Commission (data structure as specified in Annex 5).

Deadline, frequency of submission and reference year

  • Annual, by 31 May
    • Global figures of national fisheries (ref. year n-1)
  • Annual/Biennial, by 31 May
    • Socio-economics - Species value, operating costs and other economic aspects (ref. year n-2)*
  • Annual, by 30 June
    • Catch - Landing and catch data per species (ref. year n-1)
    • Effort - Fleet segment, fishing gear and CPU (ref. year n-1)
  • Annual, by 31 July
    • Incidental catch of vulnerable species (ref. year n-1)
    • Biological information - Lengh, size at first maturity and maturity data (reference year n-1)
  • Annual, by 30 September
    • Biological information - Stock assessment form (ref. year n-1)**
    • Biological information - European Eel (ref. year n-1)
  • Annual, by 30 November
    • Socio-economics - Economic and social data (ref. year n-1)

*Data should refer to the reference year n-2 and their submission should take place on biennial basis only for those countries that do not have annual economic surveys in place. Countries collecting these data on a yearly basis are requested to submit them annually (keeping reference year n-2)

**The date of data submission is linked to the scheduling of the GFCM stock assessment working groups and therefore may differ from one year to another.

Submission procedure and reporting tools

IMPORTANT: the data variables which are requested by this recommendation, should be submitted to the GFCM Secretariat following the guidance provided by the relevant GFCM subsidiary bodies through the DCRF manual, including field definitions, list of species (groups 1, 2 and 3 by GFCM subregion), fishing gear, vulnerable species, shared stocks.