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SIPAM (aquaculture data)

Legal framework

  • Recommendation GFCM/41/2017/1 on the reporting of aquaculture data and information repealing Recommendation GFCM/41/2017/1 (En | Fr)

Data/information and reference year

  • Aquaculture production statistics (APS) - Data (reference year “n-1”) by CWP statistical areas on: culture environment; cultured species; system of culture; type of culture; capture-based aquaculture input production quantity; production value;
  • Aquaculture production centres (APC) - Data (reference year “n-1”) on segment of production; environment, number of production centres; cultured species;
  • Aquaculture market data (AMD) - Data (reference year “n-1”) on trade and consumption.

Deadline and frequency of submission

  • Annual, by 31 December

Submission procedure and reporting tools

SIPAM national focal points (NFPs), as nominated by relevant national authorities, are entitled to submit national data to the GFCM Secretariat through the SIPAM online platform.