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Bottom trawling vessels targeting demersal stocks in the Strait of Sicily

Legal framework

  • Recommendation GFCM/42/2018/5 on a multiannual management plan for bottom trawl fisheries exploiting demersal stocks in the Strait of Sicily (geographical subareas 12to16), repealing Recommendations GFCM/39/2015/2 and GFCM/40/2016/4 [En]

Data and information

Bottom trawlers exploiting demersal stocks including European hake and deep-water rose shrimp in the Strait of Sicily shall only be allowed to carry out specific fishing activities if these are indicated in a valid fishing authorization issued by the competent authorities and specifying the technical conditions under which such activities shall be carried out.

  1. The list of operating vessels for which such authorization has been delivered for the current or the following years;
  2. A report on fishing activities (reference year n-1) carried out by these vessels referred, in an aggregated format (according to the GFCM-DCRF fleet segmentation), and including the following minimum information: number of exploitation days, exploitation area and catches and discards of European hake and of deep-water rose shrimp;
  3. Fisheries management measures or national management plans in the Strait of Sicily adopted at the national level;
  4. Spatial restrictions in the waters under the national jurisdiction that are applied with a view to protecting spawning and nursery areas for demersal stocks, including European hake and deep-water rose shrimp;
  5. List of the designated landing ports in which landings of European hake and/or deep-water rose shrimp from the Strait of Sicily may take place.

Deadline and frequency of submission

  1. Annual, by 30 November;
  2. Annual, by 31 August;
  3. One-shot, by 31 January 2019 (followed by updates, if any, by 31 January of the following years);
  4. Annual, by 30 June;
  5. One-shot, by 30 November 2018 (followed by updates, if any).

Submission procedure and reporting tools

  1. Excel (free template);
  2. Excel (free template);
  3. Text (PDF or Word);
  4. Text (PDF or Word);
  5. Excel (free template).