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Turbot fisheries in the Black Sea

Legal framework

  • Recommendation GFCM/39/2015/3 on the establishment of a set of measures to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in turbot fisheries in the Black Sea [En]
  • Recommendation GFCM/40/2016/6 on scientific monitoring, management and control of turbot fisheries in the Black Sea (GSA29) [En]
  • Recommendation GFCM/41/2017/4 on a multiannual management plan for turbot fisheries in the Black Sea (geographical subarea 29) [En]

Data and information

  1. Authorized vessels: active vessels operating in GSA 29 for which a valid fishing authorization for turbot, specifying the technical conditions under which fishing for turbot can be carried out, has been issued for the current year or forthcoming years. (information to be reported is described in Annex I of rec. GFCM/39/2015/3).
  2. Fishing activities: authorized vessels shall comply with the obligations established in Recommendation GFCM/37/2013/2, and provide a detailed report of their fishing activities, including as minimum requirements: operating days, operating area and total catch of turbot.
  3. Landing points: list of designated landing points in which landings of turbot in GSA 29 shall take place.
  4. National plans: national monitoring, control and surveillance plans for the implementation of the provisions of this recommendation shall be established by the CPCs.
  5. Control activities: results of control activities.

Deadline and frequency of submission

  1. Annual, by 31 January;
  2. Quarterly;
  3. Annual, by 30 November;
  4. Annual, by 31 January;
  5. Annual, one month before the GFCM annual session.

Submission procedure and reporting tools

  • Excel (free template) for vessels, activities and landing points.
  • PDF or Word for national plans and results of control activities.