General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

GFCM meetings list

The list of GFCM and other relevant meetings for 2020 is available for consultation in PDF format.

Year Meeting Category Sub-Category
2018 High-level Conference on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
September 25 - September 26, Malta
2018 Working Group on the Black Sea (WGBS) – Seventh session
July 10 - July 13, Burgas, Bulgaria
2018 Compliance Committee (CoC) - 12th Session
July 5 - July 6, Madrid, Spain
2018 Scientific Advisory Committee on Fisheries (SAC) - 20th session
June 26 - June 29, Tangiers, Morocco
2018 High-level conference on Black Sea fisheries and aquaculture
June 6 - June 7, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 Working Group on IUU Fishing, including a session of the CoC on the clarification process; Working Group on VMS and related control systems in the GFCM area of application, including a session on development of integrated MCS for turbot in the Black Sea
April 24 - April 27, Beirut, Lebanon
2018 Workshop on the management of European eel (WKMEASURES-EEL); Working group on Fishing Technology (WGFiT); Subregional Committee for Central Mediterranean (SRC-CM), including non-indigenous species
April 16 - April 20, Tunis, Tunisia
2018 Workshop on the assessment of management scenarios for Mediterranean case studies, including ad hoc session for small pelagic species in the Adriatic Sea; Subregional Committee for the Adriatic Sea (SRC-AS)
April 9 - April 13, Zagreb, Croatia
2018 Expert meeting on mitigation of interactions between predators and vulnerable species with fisheries (WKPRED); Subregional Committee for the Western Mediterranean (SRC-WM), inclusive of a technical session on blackspot seabream
March 21 - March 23, Málaga, Spain
2018 Regional meeting to operationalize the strategy for the sustainable development of Mediterranean and Black Sea aquaculture; Aquaculture Demonstrative Centre – Black Sea Focus Technical meeting
March 13 - March 15, Trabzon, Turkey
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