Inventory of Activities

Welcome to the GFOI Inventory of Activities!

The Inventory features the forest monitoring support being delivered by GFOI partners to developing countries.

Please zoom in and click on the pins* to learn more about specific activities in countries and the international partners involved.

Further details are available on dedicated country webpages, which you can access by clicking on the link in the pop up window or by using the country filters on the right. The country filters also allow you to perform other searches, e.g. global activities, activities by international partners, or free searches by keyword.

The GFOI Inventory of Activities is the result of the collaborative work of the partner organizations listed on the pages. Every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate and kept up to date but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information at all times. We encourage you to use the contacts listed to clarify any important details about specific activities.

*Please note that the pins in the map are randomly placed within the countries and do not represent specific addresses. The pins are intended to indicate which country the activity occurs in.

We are continuously seeking to update and improve the quality of the information provided. If you are aware of other activities or the need to update the information featured below, please contact the GFOI Office on

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